• Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling

We represent internationally renowned pumping equipment manufacturers to offer comprehensive fluid transfer solutions.

We have a wide range of pumps like magnetic pumps, dosing pumps, pneumatic double diaphragm pumps, screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, gear pumps and lobe pumps.

Metering pumps

piston metering pumps

We have a wide range of high precision metering pumps compatible with any type of reagent and with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Process pumps

Process pumps Idrodox with double head

OMG (Officine Meccaniche Gallaratesi) is an internationally renowned manufacturer that has been characterised by supplying high quality and high performance pumps since the early 1900.

Double diaphragm pumps

pneumatic double diaphragm pumps VA_08 non-metallic

The VERDERAIR double diaphragm pneumatic pumps are the best solution for those applications that require more than just fluid transport.

Centrifugal pumps

CM horizontal centrifugal pump with cast iron body and rotor

Centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps belong to the rotary hydraulic pump category and have a wide field of application in the industry in general.

Screw pumps

screw pump ps

The eccentric screw pumps belong to the rotary positive displacement pump category; they are the perfect solution for transferring viscous fluids or with high suspended particle content..

Self-priming pumps

Open impeller centrifugal pump with mechanical seal

Self-priming open-impeller centrifugal pumps are recommended for pumping medium-viscosity abrasive and corrosive products.

Lobe pumps

rubberized lobes pump

Rubber coated lobe pumps are a self-priming pump type capable of pumping fluids with suspended solids of up to 40 mm.

Gear pumps

Gear pump with mechanical seal and electric motor drive

Gear pumps are mainly used for pumping corrosive or abrasive products, or highly viscous products that are dangerous for the environment..

Plastic pumps

Horizontal and vertical plastic centrifugal pumps

We offer pumps specially designed for pumping aggressive or corrosive liquids, featuring a wide range of horizontal and vertical pumps.

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